Colonize the moon now!

The colonization of the Moon is a proposed establishment of permanent human communities or robotic industries on the Moon. Click for more info
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Colonize the moon now!

Post by Watney » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:13 am

Colonization of the outer planets is not only vital to survival, but it is inevitable. But, unlike most governments and private companies, I believe the lunar surface is where we should begin. Most would argue that Mars should be the primary candidate. I disagree.
In order to advance into the solar system you need fundage. No money. No colonies. Very simple.
Funding for future colonies can be acquired from research facilities that are made available for a fee.
The 3D habitat has already been done. A test habitat has already been tested in the desert, I believe. No doubt it was probably very small, but did validate the technology. The plan was to put an inflatable habitat inside the 3D printed, radiation protecting, shell.
All of the other technologies needed are already available. Water reclamation, solar power, waste management, even hydroponics. They just need to be modified for the colonies.
3D printing will play a huge role in colonization. There is a 3D printer aboard the ISS. Lowe's teamed up with Made in space for that one. NASA recently awarded somebody like 125,000 dollars to develop 3D printed food. I'm not sure about that one. Seems to me 100 pounds of food or 100 pounds of feedstock to make 100 pounds of food. Still 100 pounds. But, I really don't know all of the specifics, so I can't say for sure. Unless you're doing that at a molecular level, I don't think you're really saving any space at all. That technology is currently out of our league.
There are a number of governments and private companies racing to be the one that makes space travel affordable and commonplace. I'm betting pretty heavily on my favorite horse, SpaceX. I believe Elon Musk has the resources, drive, and commitment needed to pull this off. Their very aggressive approach has given them numerous successes in a short period of time. They are definitely one to watch!
All of the components needed to make this happen are currently available. There is no need to wait 10 - 20 years to make this happen. This could and should happen now.
The first of these colonies would be the lunar ones (this assumes a suitable craft has been built that can get to the moon and back). Get the habitat printers online and get busy. You'd get the main habitat up and running first, then you would definitely want to print research facilities. You rent them out for a nice profit. Hell, with 3D technology, you could even print out a hotel on the moon.
You would want a small colony on the dark side as well as an observation post. Maybe give us better warning about threats. On Halloween, 2015 we saw an asteroid whiz by us. Never knew it was coming until a week before. Another one around Christmas! We need to do better. Better tracking methods and better deflection methods. Instead of waiting for that inevitable asteroid to come and slam into us, we should be at least somewhat prepared. What if a smaller asteroid smacked into it like the 3 ball hitting the 8 ball and and nudged it on course to hit the planet. We must have a means of defense. There's an awful lot of talk about what we should do, but very little action. Talk is pretty cheap when there's nothing left. Once you're on the moon, then it becomes much easier to form a defense. Deflection methods can be developed and tested.
I would build my 3D printed ship. Get it up and running, validate all the technologies involved. Then build 5 more that could all be attached together on the lunar surface making one large habitat. 3D printers will have already been set up on the surface with the first ship. Research facilities are built for a variety of entities. Nasa, seti , governments, universities even.
A centrifuge system will probably have to be used for the recreational area to provide some sort of artificial gravity until a suitable technology can be developed. They will definately need this for long term stays.
Once research facilities are set up you 'd want to include private enterprise. A hotel on the moon. How cool would that be? Tons of profit potential for the winning company. If you build it, they will come and pay. Most definitely!
Being so close to earth, the lunar colony should see rapid growth. Being a brand new and easily accessible form of laboratory should promote new discoveries and scientific advancements.
The space program gave us many discoveries. Invisible braces, Memory foam, Cordless vacuums and many others all came about because of NASA or the Space agency in some way. Now that the race has been reinvigorated, there will be countless new discoveries.
With numerous 3D printers churning out habitats at a rapid pace, growth on the colony thrives! There are the small mining operations, research facilities, observatories, food services. Don't forget the hotel staff! This is now a large colony of miners, researchers and support staff.

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